Our 2000 Polaris WideTrak LX snowmobile and custom made grooming attachment are used daily to get conditions in top order.

Our 1978 Thiokol Packmaster was originally used at Pico Mountain in Vermont.

Our custom grooming attachment weighs in at 123 lbs and is used to lay fresh courd

From Chaos to Courd to fresh tracks

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To make a forgiving surface on our 8 acres is no small task. Storm cycles wreak havoc on the hill, with different types of snow conditions, strong winds making drifts in some areas while scouring others. Conditions around the hill vary, through grooming we can make as little as 4″ into a skiable surface. We take to the slopes after each storm cycle with our Polaris Wide Track snowmobile. This machine is no lean kitty, she has pulling power necessary to handle our home made grooming attachment that makes nice corduroy. This combination makes a beautiful, soft, skiable surface. We routinely trackpack and groom out each of our 10 slopes utilizing our grooming apparatus. We also have a snowcat, “Arctic 1” which we are rehabing.