The Lift

Before the days of the ski lift people were forced to hike relentlessly for hours, up the side of a steep mountains in search of the perfect turns. In 1934, Billings Farm in Woodstock, Vermont became the site for what would become a major break through in skiing, the ropetow. A simple, yet novel idea, the ropetow has taken its place in American ski history as a ski lift that is an icon for outdoor enjoyment. Today high speed quads and gondolas bring skiers and snowboarders to the places you could only dream of going via surface lift. For many years our Summit Express ropetow was powered by a truck, in 2006 we replaced the truck with a much smaller drive which is anchored in at the summit. The bullwheel is located at the base of the hill and is anchored by almost 7 cubic yards of concrete.

Hunter Mountain Generously assisted us with development of our lift as well as some of the materials. We thank them for their help and support!

Quick Facts about the Summit Express

Base Elevation : 547'
Summit Elevation 657'
Vertical Rise 110'
Total Length 395'
Tower Assemblies 5
Total Uphill Capacity 120 rph
Rope Type 1" Polyprene
Bull Wheel 60" Diameter, 400 lbs.