Carinthia Lodge

At the end of our ski day, or in between runs we enjoy nothing more than relaxing, mellowing out, catching our breath or grabbing a quick bite at our warming hut and lodge. We created "Carinthia Lodge" in 1992, just in time for our second season of operations. In 1993 we expanded it a little bit and also built a great south facing deck. In 2011 we replaced the deck, redesigned the railing, improved the ski rack, as well as included a sitting area out in front of the lodge on some old chairlift chairs we picked up at Mount Snow, Vermont. The windows in the lodge face the slopes affording a great view while drinking specialty chocolate. For years our dog, Buck, was our mascott. He spent countless hours absorbing the heat from the heater (where he retreated when he got sick of chasing us skiing), or would lay carelessly on the deck soaking up the sun rays while we enjoyed endless hours on the slopes. We continue to enjoy Carinthia Lodge and our fond memories of him. Today Husky sits in the same comfortable place as Buck watching our every turn down the Peak.